What you can do against the climate crisis

Yes, It’s the politicians job turn the big wheels. But I think a big amount of people is also quite a big wheel, that can turn almost immediately. We need action. NOW. To gain some time. Let’s shrink CO2-Emissions by not consuming crap! Every product is made and transported with CO2-Emissions. Spend your money on good local food instead. And, we could need a big fund for all the people who will need a new job because of the ecological change (miners, pilots, oil-workers etc.).

Shopping-fun must be replaced by the fun of finding easy and sustainable alternatives.

Have fun with the following ideas!

On the left the shitty product, on the right the better one.


shower gel : a bar of soap

liquid soap: a Bar of soap

toilet paper: small water bottle or a washcloth – Yes, it works and it’s even more hygienic.

Panty liner: washable textile pads

Tampons: Mooncup

Chemical cleaning liquids: citric acid or vinegar essence

Cleaning tissues and cleaning lotions: washcloth and water


Car: bike, for groceries: bike trailer, cargo bike, e-bike, e-scooter

Airplane : Imagine: No more passengers in the airports. Take the train, the bus or carpools. ASK yourself, if all the voyages are really necessary. Let the airplanes on the ground!


Aluminium foil and cling wrap: Beeswax tissues or lunch boxes

Kitchen roll: cloth


Buy second hand (second hand-shops, Kleiderkreisel, flee markets). Repair, or find another way to use something you don’t want to wear anymore.


Ikea etc.: flee markets, Kijiji etc.


laundry dryer : Use the magic effect of evaporation and hang your clothes on the line.

Hairdryer: Need huge amounts of electricity, do you really need it?

Flat iron : Like everything that transforms electricity into heat: needs much electricity. Spray a little bit water instead on your clothes or hang them in the bathroom while you take your shower.


Plastic bag: cloth bag

Plastic bags for fruits and vegetables : reusable tissue- bags

To not buy food, when it is wrapped in a lot of plastic.

Bottles: In most countries the water from the tap is fine!

Juice: Eat more fruits.

Meat and dairy: little or none


Diapers: cloth diapers

Other stuff

Tissues : textile tissues (you can reuse old clothes)

Try not to spend your money on big companies (Amazon, Nestle etc.)

Instead of throwing still usable things away, find someone who could need it.

Don’t buy bullshit things!

Spread the message!


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